How one company is helping England fans stay warm this World Cup

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How one company is helping England fans stay warm this World Cup – and tackle the cost of living crisis (20.11.2022)

"The decision to host the World Cup in the Middle East means its start date had to be pushed back until November so players wouldn't melt in the blistering summer temperatures."

But that means the fans in England have been left to watch the games in the cold and rainy weather - as opposed to the previous tournaments which were held during the summer. To resolve this, company 'notjust clothing' has made knitted jumpers modelled on past England shirts. Half of the money made from the jumpers are donated to grassroots football organisations.

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Iliman Ndiaye's extraordinary rise from Sunday League football to Qatar World Cup (18.11.2022)

"Four years ago, three men in their early twenties in Brendon Shabani, Jamie Politt and Eni Shabani built a grassroots football team from scratch. Their mission: to help young talent who lost their way find a route back into professional football."

Brendon Shabani, Jamie Politt and Eni Shabani set-up grassroots football club Rising Ballers 4 years ago, where Iliman Ndiaye travelled to to play football. Today, Ndiaye is playing for Sheffield United in the Championship and is representing the Senegal national football team in the World Cup. Of all the players playing in the World Cup, no other player has gone through as many ladders as Ndiaye has to reach his level. Anything is possible - the Rising Ballers' mission will keep going to help talent reach their potential.

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Wantage player praised for sportsmanship by Grassroots UK (16.11.2022)

"A YOUNG football player has been praised by Grassroots Football UK for consoling an opposing player after he scored an own goal."

Archie Milham, who players for Wantage Town U14s, supported an opposition player in a match held on November 6th after the opposition player scored an own goal - which was booed by his own team. The ball hit the inside of the net despite the defender's effort to try to block Archie's shot. His actions and words were praised hugely by the online community amid the recent controversy surrounding grassroots players and officials.

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