Making Football
More Enjoyable and Accessible

Football is more than just a sport.
It’s a way to bring people together and build communities.

That’s why Linethree is committed to creating a platform that makes it easy to find
like-minded players and clubs, and to make sure everyone can experience
the magic of footie.

With a strong focus on innovation, we’re always striving to make Matchark the best platform for footballers around the world.

So what are you waiting for?
Join us and let’s get the game going!

Linethree office image
Linethree image

Meet the people behind
the product

Paul Smith
Founder & CEO
Ryan Jackson
Head of Business Operations
Brittany Rosen
VP, Finance and Strategy
Robert Henriks
Senior Developer
David Garcia
Founder & CEO
Maria Martinez
Head of Business Operations
Leslie Alexander
VP, Finance and Strategy
Jane Cooper
Senior Developer

Join us

We are preparing to expand our team  in the UK.
Please check back regularly for updates or email with your CV and preferred role.

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