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Discover the best grassroots football pitches in Manchester for an exceptional local playing experience. Get ready to score!
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Welcome to the ultimate guide to the top football pitches in Manchester!
Explore these fantastic locations and elevate your grassroots football experience.
Perfect for amateur football clubs, local football teams, and grassroots football players looking for quality game venues.


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_____ 5-a-side _____

Image from Google Maps

Sugden Sports Centre

📍 Location: 114 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL view on google maps

💰 Cost
5-a-side: starting from £16.00

⭐️ Review:
4.0 (386 reviews, Google Maps)
"We are organising here our football and volleyball social activities every week. Nice place, good facilities and amazing and helpful staff make the best place to host our sports activities."
"I play football every Saturday. It's been fantastically refurbished. Many sports to practice. Cheap prices on weekends!"

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 22:30
Saturday to Sunday: 09:00 - 19:30

☎️ Contact:
016 1503 2760 or website
🚌 Public transport: 2 min walk from Oxford House station

__ 5-a-side, 7-a-side __

Image from Google Maps

Cheetwood Astro (Astro Pitches)

📍 Location: Cheetwood Community Primary School, Waterloo Rd, Cheetham Hill view on google maps

💰 Cost
5-a-side: starting from £50.00
7-a-side: starting from £70.00

⭐️ Review:
4.5 (4 reviews, Google Maps)
"Great quality pitches but we reckon they're a little longer and thinner than the ones we usually play on. Could do with netting above the pitches because you're only one miskick away from your ball going out of the pitches and rolling all the way to Salford. Car park is a little small as well so we had to park on the street round the corner.Friendly accommodating staff though, very affordable rates and as I say, great quality pitches. Highly recommend."

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 06:00 - 22:00
Saturday to Sunday: 09:00 - 23:00

☎️ Contact:
079 5071 5879 or website
🚌 Public transport: 1 min walk from Cheetwood Primary School station

Image from Google Maps

Powerleague Manchester Central

📍 Location: 20 Union St, Manchester M12 4JD view on google maps

💰 Cost
5-a-side: starting from £55.00
7-a-side: starting from £85.00

⭐️ Review:
4.4 (789 reviews, Google Maps)
"Always enjoy my time here. Great pitch and very helpful customer service."
"Good pitches, pretty fair with how they handle bookings."
"I have lots good memory on 5-side football here. The
pitch quality is great. The price is fare."

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 23:30
Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00

☎️ Contact:
016 1272 7227 or website
🚌 Public transport: 6 min walk from Apollo station

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