Only on Matchark : Service Guide

Welcome to Matchark!

Before you start searching our service, Let me tell you some our unique features.

It will be super helpful for using and your football life🔥



Search and apply/offer in just a few touches

Notice something different? We've got new buttons on your profiles!

Did you find a player or club you like?

Try showing your interest by clicking the 'Apply' and 'Offer' buttons at the bottom of the profiles.

Your profile is sent to the player or club you are interested in with a simple touch.

Don't forget to correctly fill-in your profile before Applying or Offering!

A better profile means better response rates!


Participate in challenges to set-up your own online showcase

Share your football abilities with Grassroots Footballers

Heads-up players!

The videos uploaded on your CVs can also be seen by clubs and players alike on the Social menu.

You can reveal yourself not only on your CV but to everyone with every video upload.

Try uploading a video to your CV right now!

What is the 'Challenge' and 'Video Feed'?

1. You can showcase your abilities by undertaking Challenges with set rules🔥 2. You can showcase your various highlight moments in the Video feed🔥


Look for nearby grassroots football which fit you best

SEARCH for players and clubs that fit YOU best, around your area!

It's always hard to find the right player or club for you... We've been there.

On Matchark, you can quickly search and apply filters according to your needs.

You'll see how simple it is to find players and clubs on Matchark!